It is so exciting to share a new topic with you every week, watching the stats and seeing the audience for this blog grow. I’m gratified to see music educators are finding the entries useful. This week it is your turn to tell me what you would like to learn about flute pedagogy. Send me your questions, either about new topics or topics I’ve already written about. You can leave a comment here, write me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (@DrCate), Tumblr (Dr. Cate’s Musings) or email

I would love to know what you think about these upcoming topics below. Please share your questions about these or any other flute teaching issue.

  • Articulation – tonguing and blowing
  • Releases
  • Vibrato – teaching
  • Vibrato – using
  • Using harmonic fingerings in third octave
  • Third octave fingerings to correct pitch
  • Articulation – double and triple tonguing
  • Developing a seamless legato
  • Developing strong low notes
  • The headjoint cork placement
  • Common mechanical problems
  • Intro to tone color and harmonics
  • Diagnosing tone and pitch problems
  • Support and breathing

Band directors are not the only ones welcome to comment and make suggestions for topics. Flute instructors, please share your observations about what kids are learning from their band teachers that is counter to good flute pedagogy. While it is true I have seen a lot in my own teaching practice, maybe you have seen something I have never run across. I am eager to hear your suggestions. Wouldn’t it be great if band directors and flute instructors could be a team helping their flute students play their best?

Dr. Cate’s Flute Tips is going to take a short break for the holidays. We’ll have more great ideas for helping your students play their best at the beginning of January. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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