Clinics and workshops

Dr. Cate is available for clinics and workshops online, at your school, at your local Azumi/Jupiter dealer or for your professional organization.

Online clinics, workshops, seminars and masterclasses – Any of the presentations and workshops can come directly to your participants via Zoom or other meeting platform. Well versed in online presentation and screen sharing of content. I can offer discussions, sectional rehearsals, exercises of any content you see on this blog.

In-service events and new teacher training – Hands-on workshops in flute pedagogy covering how to teach embouchure formation, tone production, posture, ergonomics and technique building.

Music Educator convention presentations – Lecture demonstrations on flute pedagogy geared to the needs of music educators

School clinics and workshops – Clinics on effective practice for full ensembles. Flute specific clinics on tone, vibrato, intonation, technique building, learning piccolo and more. 20140415_135410

Dealer master classes – In store or online master classes for flutists of all abilities targeted for the needs of your local customers.017
For more about Dr. Cate Hummel, visit

Are you interested in having Dr. Cate present at your event, at your school or over the Internet? She can tailor a clinic, sectional or workshop for your specific needs. Dr. Cate is also available to come into your school as a flute specialist to work with your students on a regular basis, either with groups or individually. Contact her directly at to set up an event in collaboration with your local Jupiter/Azumi dealer. Be sure to ask about arranging educational grants to support your event.

97 thoughts on “Clinics and workshops”

  1. Maureen Thomson said:

    Thank you so much. I am a very late starter on flute 50+ & have been playing for a few years. I’ve been struggling so much with tone and breath control. And having read your basic embouchure notes I can’t believe what a difference ‘w’ makes in forming the aperture which significantly improves both tone & amount of available breath!!! I was clearly losing so much air with my dodgy embouchure. I’m so excited that finally I’ve found your amazing information. I’ve read so many recommended books and articles and have learnt more from your resources than all of them put together. Yours gratefully Maureen Thomson Coventry United Kingdom xx


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